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Four Lenses Unfolded: A deeper understanding of values

  • Posted on Jan 20, 2017


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Product Description

The information in this book is based on the 4 Lenses Assessment™, a tool that accurately identifies an individual’s personality profile. The tool describes four archetypal temperaments from which all personality styles are derived. To help people learn and remember these temperaments, each one has been named after a color: Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange.

Over the past several decades, several million people throughout the world have used the 4 Lenses™ Assessment or related test to determine their personality profile. But most importantly, you can learn a great deal about those around you. By reading and applying the principles from the Four Lenses Unfolded by Nathan K. Price, you will be able to:

-Understand anyone in the world
-Motivate reluctant people
-Communicate with power
-Succeed in your occupation
-Strengthen leadership abilities
-Reduce stress and conflict
-Parent complicated children
-Guide troublesome teenagers
-Teach difficult learners
-Create sensational relationships

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