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Four Lenses Facilitator Training

Why Four Lenses?

The Four Lenses is a proven personality temperament model that acts as a universal companion to any training or initiative. This foundational training helps individuals and organizations establish a common language and value system for diverse perspectives and unique talent in the workplace, in the classroom, or simply in life

The Four Lenses training helps participants learn how to:
    • Motivate reluctant people
    • Communicate with power
    • Strengthen leadership abilities
    • Reduce stress and conflict
    • Parent complicated children
    • Teach difficult learners
    • Create sensational relationships

Four Lenses Facilitator Certification

The Four Lenses™ is a foundation to successful training interventions. Every individual has a unique spectrum of personality variables. When trainings, such as team building, are able to identify and address these differences the experience can be modified to enhance knowledge retention, increase personal awareness, and create strategies for social competence. Any successful training will consider that people are the building blocks of organizations. Training in Four Lenses™ will help your organization identify and utilize the human factor in any training goal. Individuals who become certified as a facilitator in Four Lenses™ become licensed to use The Four Lenses™ in their organization.

For additional information about certifying as a Four Lenses trainer contact us at 801-971-1121 or email

Upcoming Virtual Four Lenses Facilitator Certification Class
Virtual Pricing: Corporate: $2,495    State/Academic: $1,795    Federal Govt:$1,595

August 29-31

This workshop gives facilitators the ability to train toward these competencies:
    • Accelerates results for any personal, interpersonal, team, or organizational learning
    • Deep understanding of self awareness to:
      • Learn your personal values, strengths and needs
      • Understanding your relationship with others
      • Communicate with others based on their values
      • Discover what motivates you and others
    • MBTI (Myers Briggs), David Keirsey and Carl Jung correlations
    • Plotting your preferences to understand blind spots
    • Plotting the preferences of others/teams
    • Introversion and extroversion modifier
    • Learning styles based on temperament
    • Leadership, communication, and diversity
    • Explore how maturity impacts every aspect of human interaction
Certification package includes

Learning Intervention Process

Training is a great experience. But, its not enough to create a true learning intervention that inspires behavior change. Training increases knowledge mastery, but fails to develop skill acquisition, and individual application. By combining coaching with any training workshop, organizations will see transformational results in the three critical areas of personal improvement outlined below.

Workshop participants are more likely to reach their goals with the help of a certified Shipley Coach. Each week individuals will meet virtually for 30 minutes with their coach to integrate the knowledge gained and goals set during training into the behavior of the attendees. Utilizing proven coaching tools, our professional and credentialed coaching cadre work one-on-one with attendees to:

    • Facilitate measurable behavior change.
    • Focus on improving performance.
    • Align newly learned skills to organizational and personal goals.

Learn more about the 90 Days of Implementation Consulting

Four Lenses History

The four temperaments trace back to the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) who discovered that each person has a unique personality spectrum or lens that reveals how individuals naturally see the world. Because our paradigms are so influential, we often struggle communicating with those who have a different perspective. By failing to truly understand those around us, surely, we are missing one of the greatest opportunities life has to offer.

The Four Lenses training will forever change the way you see the world. Participants discover unique aspects about themselves and everyone around them. After completing a personality temperament assessment, participants begin learning through online training modules, books, and participating in the online community.  Participants learn to interact with others in a powerful new way.




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