David Graff, CEO, Shipley

David has over 20 years of experience in management consulting, with a passion for designing and implementing organization-wide change efforts. David’s expertise in continuous improvement methodologies and application has allowed him to work extensively at integrating relevant and impactful quality/lean principles into broader organizational change efforts that align with overall business strategies.
Combined with his organizational design expertise, David evaluates individual and team strengths and vulnerabilities using a specialized temperament assessment process called The Four Lenses. He then provides the tools and methods to help individuals translate their temperament preferences into efficiency models. This methodology has enabled millions of humans a starting point to become a more human individual, family member, team member, or leader. One of David’s key mission elements is to “put the human back into humanity”.
David is skilled in training and coaching Senior Executives/Leaders, Managers, and individuals in culture, strategy and alignment, execution, lean principles, change leadership, communication skills, teambuilding, performance management, and problem solving. He strongly believes that if understood and implemented, the principles he teaches will begin the self-awareness process leading to higher levels of success from the family room to the board room.
When asked, what is your greatest leadership challenge?  David’s’ reply is always, “striving to be the best leader in his greatest role(s) as husband, father, and grandfather.

J Bryan Jewkes, President, Shipley Communication

Bryan’s background has been in sales, customer service, communication, and public relations.  He has been a consultant and trainer to the US Marine Corps, MARFORRES, US Navy, US Navy Reserves, US Air Force, US Air Force Reserves, US Coast Guard, US Treasury, US Army, and many of the state family programs with the National Guard. His passion is building stronger families, teams, and leaders through effective communication.
Bryan has a number of skills and personality traits that enabled him to enjoy success in each position he’s filled. His key strengths lie in establishing and maintaining relationships with others; including having the ability to remember names, companies, and other key details of the people he interacts with on a regular basis. Bryan is a loyal team member and focuses on things important to both the team and the overall company.
Married to the late Jennifer Jewkes (passed away in 2009) with whom they had two boys then remarried in 2014 to Andrea Conrad and they are raising 7 children together.

Bachelor of Arts Political Science – University of Utah
Certified in MBTI 2011
Master Trainer 4 Lenses/DRP 2007
Certified in 4 Lenses/DRP 2002
Served as an Intern US Supreme Court 1993
Served as a Presidential Intern in 1992

Paul Muehlmann, President, Shipley Coaching

Paul is an experienced executive with over 30 years of leadership specializing in business development, strategic marketing, and operations, and has led teams across a diverse range of product lines on six continents. Paul is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Communications and the University of St. Thomas – Minnesota with an MBA. As President of Shipley Coaching, Paul passionately leads the efforts to ensure the company’s brand, products and services are in tune with the company strategy and deliver outstanding value to meet customer needs.

Tony Husted, Exec. Dir. Training and Development, Shipley Coaching

Tony Husted is a leader in the field of Performance, Business, and Executive Coaching with over 15 years of experience. Tony is a Performer Engagement Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Mentor, Sales Coach and Coaching Curriculum Designer. Tony has delivered thousands of hours of Coaching and Coach Training to individuals, businesses, and government organizations throughout the US, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, China, and Khazahkstan.  He has 13 years of practice in developing and delivering online interactive trainings that produce results, and thousands of satisfied students.  Tony blends his depth of Coaching knowledge, training experience, instructional design, and adult learning models together to create transformative programs.

•      International Coach Federation PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
•      B.A. Organizational Management from Northwest University.
•      Certified Erickson Professional Coach
•      NLP Coach, Team Coach
•      Leading From Your Strengths Coach
•      Multiple NLP Practitioner Courses
•      Multiple NLP Master Practitioner Courses
•      NLP World Health Certification
•      Standing in Contribution Trainers Training
•      Patterns for Renewing Your Mind Practitioner