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Four Lenses YouTube Channel

How do you see yourself and the people around you?

And how does that affect the way that you behave?

With over 30 years of experience coaching large businesses and institutions, the leaders of Four Lenses™ are dedicated to helping people live better lives.

The NEW Four Lenses YouTube Channel

This channel is all about self awareness, emotional intelligence, and understanding others around you so that you can do more than just appraise personality traits, but also go beyond the assessments and move into the maturity model that helps you live and work better as an individual or as part of any group.

How is Four Lenses Different?

While temperament, or personality testing goes all the way back to 370 BC, the Four Lenses™ system combines a unique, entertaining, assessment and accountability system that provides a more robust experience with lifelong improvement.

More to Come!

Watch for new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and thank you for helping us in our mission to “Put the Human Back Into Humanity!” Dave Graff The Four Lenses™ Team