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Four Lenses Temperament Assessment


This free temperament assessment is built off of decades of personality research, and is aimed at helping you understand your dominant primary and secondary personality colors. Each color corresponds with traits and characteristics common to specific personalities.

The assessment is broken into 3 Parts: first, review a collection of images and video clips in Part 1, and make a note of which ones most appeal to you, and write down the colors in order. In Part 2, you will see a list of qualities and descriptions common within each color personality; select which one you connect with most, and make a note of them in order. Part 3, compare your lists and decide which color personality you connect with as your primary, and secondary colors, and download the digital material specific to your color.

In order to develop into a stronger leader, listener, and communicator, feel free to also consider dominate color personalities of your friends, colleagues, and family by reviewing the material with them in mind. Understanding those around you, and their temperaments, will help you know how to better suit their preferences and build stronger relationships. Let’s get started!

Part 1:

This short video segment breaks down each color, and shows images and clips of activities or items associated with them. Watch and make a note of which ones you connect with most, second, third, and last.

Part 2:

Now that you’ve reviewed images and short clips, read the short descriptions provided in Part 2. These are divided up between each color 10 different elements such as values, communication, work style, and more. Remember, you don’t need to connect perfectly with each item listed in the individual colors, just make a note of which one you connect with most, then list the others in order.

Part 3:

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first 2 Parts of your assessment. Based on your notes from Part 1 and 2, select the color below and learn more about your color personality type. Interested in how this can help you at home and in the work place? Consider learning about the other color personalities so you can develop the right skills to understand, lead, and adhere to those around you based on their dominant and secondary colors. Understanding these different color personalities will help you learn how to communicate, motivate, and guide others based on their values and work styles.