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Four Lenses Emotional Intelligence Training

Self Awareness and Self Management Keys to Success


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Join us on our Mission to: “Put the HUMAN back into HUMANITY.”

This experience will introduce you to a new Framework, Language, and Process, that when applied, will increase your effectiveness in both your personal and professional life.

  • Increase your Self Awareness and the impact your behavior has on the results you get
  • Learn effective strategies for building satisfying relationships, in both your personal and professional life.
  • Grow from tolerating the difference in others, to celebrating their strengths.
  • Learn a new Language, Framework, and Process to increase your Self Management capacity
  • Explore how maturity impacts your ability to understand others and communicate more effectively.

A small investment of your time will change your life forever!

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The Challenge

People want two things from their Leaders. They want a leader that is both Smart and Human.

Living in a world of constant change, increased stress, and demanding expectations, humans have become more focused on being “Smart”and more efficient in their personal and professional lives. This efficiency creates results in the short term, but negatively impacts the relationships around them “Human” in the long term. We want to help you get great results over time.

The Solution

Four Lenses: Increase your Emotional Maturity and focus on being more “Human”. Identify the behaviors that are getting in your way to be more effective in your personal and professional life. Our proven process will be fun, engaging, and powerful.

Oklahoma Guarantee…100% refund if you think/feel the time you spent with us did not add value. See you soon!

Our World Class Instructor David Graff

David has over 20 years of experience in management consulting, with a passion for designing and implementing organization-wide change efforts.

David’s expertise in continuous improvement methodologies and application has allowed him to work extensively at integrating relevant and impactful quality/lean principles into broader organizational change efforts that align with overall business strategies.Combined with his organizational design expertise, David evaluates individual and team strengths and vulnerabilities using a specialized temperament assessment process called The Four Lenses. He then provides the tools and methods to help individuals translate their temperament preferences into efficiency models. This methodology has enabled millions of humans a starting point to become a more human individual, family member, team member, or leader. One of David’s key mission elements is to “put the human back into humanity”.

David is skilled in training and coaching Senior Executives/Leaders, Managers, and individuals in culture, strategy and alignment, execution, lean principles, change leadership, communication skills, teambuilding, performance management, and problem solving. He strongly believes that if understood and implemented, the principles he teaches will begin the self-awareness process leading to higher levels of success from the family room to the board room.

When asked, what is your greatest leadership challenge? David’s’ reply is always, “striving to be the best leader in his greatest role(s) as husband, father, and grandfather.




February 23, 2022

Courtyard Arlington Ballpark
1500 Nolan Ryan Expy, Arlington TX 76011

Cost: $245.00 per person

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