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Become a Certified Coach

with the Shipley Four Lenses Coaching Certification Program.

Before employee engagement,

Leaders must engage people.

Organizations have always needed leaders that are SMART – leaders
that are intelligent, decisive, and know the company’s goals and
objectives. However, today’s organizations also need leaders that are
HUMAN – that understand people, are caring and compassionate, and
take the time to really slow down and engage with those they lead.
Unfortunately, given the day-to-day demands in most companies,
leaders are too often allowed to focus on being SMART while
outsourcing the HUMAN responsibility to others.

Today People need 3 things from their leaders:

1. To be Noticed..they want those that lead to pay attention to them and to be aware of their needs and wants
2. To be Named..they need leaders to distinguish them from others, to recognized their unique talents and abilities
3. To be Known..they need to have a relationship with those they follow, they need to see that they are known and appreciated on an individual basis.

Create inspiring engagement sessions with

Leadership Engagement®

Develop one-on-one coaching skills in a 3-Day workshop, and master the foundational principles of motivation outlined in the Leadership Engagement Model™ (LEM).

  • Increase your understandings of Four Lenses and Maturity and how it works to improve leadership engagment.
  • Understand the 4 LEM quadrants of motivation.
  • Learn how to intentionally use engaging language.
  • Develop effective methods of empathic listening and asking questions.
  • Participate in a 90-day learning intervention process.
Engage employees and

Lead your team with one-on-one coaching.

Four Lenses®

Increase your knowledge of the Four Lenses and Maturity concepts and how they deepen your understanding of every individuals unique spectrum of personality traits. Together, participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater social awareness of others. These critical skills, combined with the framework and language of the LEM, create powerful engagement tools.


Learn the power of the 4 quadrants in the LEM model and how to use this framework to motivate others.


Explore how language can powerfully influence the flow and effectiveness of an engaging coaching session.


Execute the LEM model steps, facilitate whole-system thinking, and implement a conversational approach.


Set goals and outline a plan to deliver engaging one-on-one engagement sessions using the framework, language, and process of the Leadership Engagement® workshop.

Leadership Engagement®

3-Day Workshop Agenda

Day 1
30 min. Introductions
180 min. Four Lenses® and Maturity
15 min. Cost of Disengagement
15 min. Motivational Mindsetst
60 min. Personal Values Violation Framework
60 min. Leadership Engagement Model (LEM) Framework
Day 2
90 min. Language of the LEM
90 min. The 4 W’s
90 min. Engagement Questions
90 min. Picture-in-Picture
Day 3
90 min. Powerful Questions- Open-ended vs Closed-Ended
120 min. Powerful Question Frames
120 min. Performance Management and Competency Wheels
40 min. Wrap Up

Take training to another level with

The Learning Intervention Process

The process combines any workshop with 90-days of coaching to help participants identify and focus on achieving personal goals.

Training is a great experience. But, its not enough to create a true learning intervention that inspires behavior change that drives results. Training increases knowledge mastery, but fails to develop skill acquisition, as well as individual application. By combining coaching with any training workshop, organizations will see transformational results in the three critical areas of personal improvement outlined below

Increase results with

90-days of coaching.

Workshop participants are more likely to reach their goals with the help of a certified Fourlenses Coach. Each week individuals will meet virtually for 30 minutes with their coach to integrate the knowledge gained and goals set during training into the behavior of the attendees. Utilizing proven coaching tools, our professional and credentialed coaching cadre work one-on-one with attendees to:

• Facilitate measurable behavior change.
• Focus on improving performance. .
• Align newly learned skills to organizational and personal goals.

All with the intent of Driving Results!


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