Empathetic Teaching

By George D. Nelson

Consider many of the great teachers who have changed the world by the might of their examples and their love of students and learning. Their disciples, where’ve they reside, are living altered lives because of the generous gift that was bestowed upon them by teachers who taught “with power and authority”. The children and family members of these fortunate students are basking today in the light that was shared by such a teacher.

Whether it is only within the walls of our own homes, among a small circle of influence, or on a large stage, theese habits and practices are the keys to fulfillment for the teacher and enlightenment of the student. As you read this book, your heart will be drawn out in gratitude to those empathic teachers who changed you through the educational gifts they bestowed in your own life. In Empathetic Teaching, Nelson examines the following empathic teaching habits:

– Proactive Optimism
– Harnessing the Preferences of Others
– Begin with Child in Mind
– Harnessing the Dramatic in the World
– Focus on Edification
– Seek to Achieve a State of Learning
– Reflective Practice
– Building a New Habit



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