Welcome to Shipley Coaching.  We are excited to have you join us on a learning and development journey. We are committed to offering you the highest quality training and supporting your success along the way.

Program Visions and Goals

The SCTC is a comprehensive Coach training program to fully equip students with the skills and mindset to:

  • Effectively Coach 
  • Successfully define goals
  • Develop actionable plans
  • Ensure process commitment 
  • Encourage meaningful completion

SCTC consists of four Components.  Each Component is equal to four full days of in-person training or 8 Online Sessions.
Part 1: Discovery
Part 2: Exploration
Part 3: Commitment
Part 4:  Integration

Number of Student Contact Hours Included in Program

The Shipley Coach Training Certification Program consists of either 16 days of in person training, or 24 four hour live webinars, plus six observed sessions.  SCTC is comprised of 96 Hours of live interactive synchronous training hours, and 24 asynchronous preparations, practice, and reading hours. Each students must also participate in 6 Observed Sessions for a total of 126 Hours. 

Learning Goals

The Primary learning goals for the program are:

  1.   Understand what Coaching is, isn’t, and how it is distinct in nature from other helping modes.
  2.   Know the value of Coaching in assisting Clients.
  3.   Understand the mindset, principles, structures, tools, frameworks, processes, and techniques that support masterful Coaching.
  4.   Demonstrate the ability to Coach according to the ICF Core Competencies and create powerful sessions that meet the needs of the Client.  

Coaching Philosophy/Model/Approach

The Shipley Coach Training Certification Program is built on the foundations of Solution Focused Methods including Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistics, Appreciative Inquiry, Brief Therapy, and Ericksonian Methods.

Program Instructors

Director of Training:  Tony Husted PCC

Mentors: Margo Myers PCC

Observers: Tyson Hesser ACC. Margo Myers PCC

Dates and Locations

The program is currently offered via online training, in person in Seattle, WA, Sao Paulo, Brazil and other physical locations for corporate customers.


Program currently offered in English and Portugese.

How the Program is Delivered

SCTC can be taken 3 ways:

  1. On site in-person
  2. Online
  3. Combination of in-person and online

Intended Participants

SCTC in intended to train Coaches with no prior training in coaching. The program contains both basic and advanced skills, so it is also appropriate for Coaches with previous training to enhance their skills.

Program Requirements

A high school diploma, or equivalency is required to enter the program.  We also ask that students come with an open mind to learn and grow.  All students are asked to participate fully in the program. The course must be completed with all 4 Parts in sequence as each additional part builds on the previous coursework.

Enrollment and Investment

Enrollment for all courses is solely administered on a first come, first serve basis.  All enrollments are subject to availability at the time of the receipt of your investment being completed. You can secure your enrollment by submitting your investment via the following means: Personal or Bank Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Coach Training Certification Enrollment Requirements

A high school diploma, or equivalency is required to enter the program.  We also ask that students come with an open mind to learn and grow. All students are asked to participate fully in the program. The course must be completed with all 4 Parts in sequence as each additional part builds on the previous coursework.  If taking the course online please ensure you have access to a reliable internet connection, a quality headset, and a quiet/private space to facilitate your full participation.  The program requires participation in all activities for completion, especially the break-out sessions where you will be Coach, and Coached.


The investment for the full Certification Program is currently $8,900 and includes 128 Hours of instruction, 6 Observed Sessions, 10 Hours of Mentoring, and your Oral Performance Evaluation.


You may choose to transfer to a different cohort in the future.  Transfer requests must be made in writing (email or letter) and include your current cohort information, the reason for transfer, and what alternative cohort you wish to join.  All transfers are subject to enrollment availability for the alternative cohort.


To meet the standards of the ICF all students must attend 74 hours of the synchronous live portion of the 96 hours of the program.  All synchronous hours must be completed via use of the session recording, and the completion of any missed break out sessions. All asynchronous hours must be completed. Students failing to meet the attendance policy will need to make up the synchronous learning portions missed at a later time to fulfill Certification requirements.


Shipley Coaching is committed to creating a high quality learning environment.  All staff, trainers, and observers commit to professional behavior and conduct, as well as honoring the ICF Code of Conduct.  Shipley reserves the right to disenroll a student for the following:

  • Violation of the Policies and Procedures.
  • Disrespect or other behavior that disrupts the learning environment.
  • Unethical behavior or violation of the ICF Code of Ethics.
  • Non-participation, or not meeting the attendance requirements.
  • Non-Payment of financial investment.
  • Violation of Shipley Coaching’s, the ICF’s, and CANSPAM Privacy Policies.
  • Any type of disruptive behavior including but not limited to harassment, gas lighting, bullying, discrimination, or intimidation.


All requests for withdrawals must be submitted to the Director of Training. Students will receive credit for all coursework completed, and will have 1 full year to restart the training from the last full Training Part completed.  


A full refund is available up to 7 days before the start of a training.  For in person training a full refund is available up to the beginning of Day 3 of Part 1. For Online Classes a Full Refund is available up to the start of the 3rd Online Session.  No refunds are available after these points.

Privacy Policy

All students must agree to the following Privacy Policies.

  • I will keep the contents of the course including, but not limited to, the materials, conversations, recordings, and access to websites/classrooms and online sessions private and in confidence.
  • I agree to limit my communication to conversations related directly to the course, or with the express consent of the other person.
  • I agree that all personal content from lectures, demonstrations, break outs, triad work, observed sessions, mentor sessions, and the oral performance evaluation are privileged and will only be discussed with the express permission of the other party.
  • I agree that all materials, handbooks, handouts, slides, pdf, diagrams, flip chart and whiteboard drawings are copyrighted and not to be used without the express written permission of Shipley Coaching.  Any breach of this policy may result in violation of US (or other countries) Copyright laws.
  • Confidentiality may be broken in specific instances as outlined in the ICF Code of Ethics where any individual’s safety is at risk, illegal activity is taking place, under a court order or subpoena.