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Four Lenses Coach Certification

If you are currently a Four Lenses Certified Facilitator then this course is your next step in becoming a Shipley Certified Coach

The SCTP is a step-by-step, experiential learning process that provides the skills required to become a competent and confident coach. Shipley’s “Whole Systems Model” keeps the coaching simplified and powerful. Regardless of the coaching specialty you choose – business owners, executives, parents or other audiences – you will have the strong foundation and powerful tools you need to success in your coaching career.

The SCTP is based on the latest developments in Neuroscience, Human Behavior, Personal Development, and is derived from 50+ years of proven methodologies rooted in Neuro-Linguistics, Solution Focused Methods, Positive Psychology, and Appreciative Inquiry.

The 4 SCTP Primary Learning Goals include:

  1. Understand what Coaching is, isn’t, and how it is distinct in nature from other helping modes
  2. Know the value of Coaching in assisting Clients
  3. Understand the mindset, principles, structures, tools, frameworks, processes, and techniques of masterful Coaching
  4. Demonstrate Coaching according to ICF Core Competencies and create powerful sessions that meet Client needs

The Advantages of the Shipley Coach Training Program

The SCTP focuses on the person as a whole system, and the methodology recognizes that goals, challenges, opportunities, and obstacles are often rooted in multiple areas of a person’s life. Whether you become an executive coach, corporate or career coach, Four Lenses’ set of comprehensive techniques will equip you with confidence to build a transformative professional coaching relationship with your clients from the critical first meeting till closure of the coaching engagement.

  • Credentialed.  The SCTP are fully accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) ACSTH and ACTP programs
  • Practical. The SCTP challenges participants to make specific improvements in their own performance after each  section
  • Systematic. The SCTP uses a systemic model which allows for Coaching any client on any topic
  • Powerful approach. The SCTP approach combines the best practices in coaching, peer support, facilitation, goal setting, progress tracking, and accountability
  • Measurable. The SCTP emphasis is on achieving measurable results
  • Emphasis on results. Unlike many programs, the SCTP tracks results achieved. Not just gains in skills – but actual results that each participant documents
  • Flexible.  Topics discussed are based on student experiences, not canned business examples that may not fit class needs

Our World Class Instructor Tony Husted, MCC, SCTP Developer and Master Instructor

A leader in the field of Performance, Business, and Executive Coaching with nearly 20 years of experience. Tony is passionate about delivering Coaching that impacts Performers, Teams, Organizations, Families, and Communities. Tony is a Leadership Engagement Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Mentor, Sales Coach, and Coaching Curriculum Designer. He has delivered thousands of hours of Coaching and Coach Training to individuals, businesses, and government organizations throughout the world. He has 15 years of practice in developing and delivering online interactive trainings that produce results and thousands of satisfied students. Tony blends his depth of Coaching knowledge, training experience, instructional design, and adult learning models together to create transformative programs. Tony is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach. In addition to a Bachelors in Organizational Management from Northwest University, he holds multiple additional Coaching Certifications including Certified Erickson Professional Coach, NLP Coach, Team Coach, and Leading from Your Strengths Coach.


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